Marbleized Easter Eggs using STAR Olive Oil

For marbleized eggs, coat eggs with a base color and let dry. Mix STAR Extra Light Olive Oil into another color of dye. The oil will repel color in some places and the dye will adhere in others, creating a marbled effect.

Here are more detailed instructions:

1. Hard boil your eggs as desired. In shallow bowls, mix together three cups of warm water with two tablespoons of vinegar and ten drops of food coloring. Whisk the ingredients together well.
2. Submerge your eggs and leave them in there until they reach the desired color. It is better to have a lighter color as the base color so the second layer of color will take well on your eggs.
3. Dry your eggs with a paper towel.
4. Repeat the process with the rest of the eggs. Rest them gently on your egg carton to allow them to dry.
5. To create the marbleized look, add one tablespoon of STAR Extra Light Olive Oil to the dye that you have already prepared, and then, using a fork, run your fork through the oil to break the oil into pieces to create the solution to roll your eggs. As the oil swirls, roll your egg once through a contrasting color. Allow the oil to pick up & create another round of color on your eggs. Blot gently with paper towels.



  1. Gobl1n says:

    Use an easy, two-step process to make Marbleized Easter Eggs , using oil, vinegar and food colouring! This is the coolest way that I know to dye Easter Eggs.  All you need are eggs, olive oil, vinegar and food colouring.  The process is really easy; you just dip your eggs in coloured water to dye them, and then dip them again in an oil and coloured water solution to marbleize them!  It s so simple, and the effect is gorgeous!

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