Survival Guide for Eating Out at Lunch

Survivial Guide to Eating Lunch Out

Hours on end in front of the computer screen, an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, the daily temptation of having lunch at the local restaurant, rich desserts and eating in a hurry.

If you have to eat lunch out, pay attention to what you eat. Here are some handy tips:

Try to eat at the same (reasonable) time every day and make sure you eat something mid-morning and mid-afternoon (a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts would be great).

Eat and drink slowly, chewing well, enjoying your food and forgetting about your work for a while. If you bring your job to lunch with you, you won’t enjoy your meal.

Watch the portions. Don’t eat too much. If you have a sedentary work routine, you won’t burn off the calories, and a heavy meal will make you feel tired and full.

As often as possible, try to take a packed lunch from home to heat up and eat at work.

If you eat lunch in a restaurant, for three times a week try to eat salad, soup or vegetables for starters and a meat, fish or egg dish for your main course.

Dishes with carbohydrates and proteins, such as pulses, stews, rice and pasta dishes, etc., are a meal in themselves.

Avoid fried food, battered food and saturated fats. And keep an eye on sauces and garnishes!

Keep fast food, sandwiches and filled rolls to a minimum. And above all take a break from your work: don’t go for the easy option of eating lunch at your desk.

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