Healthy and scary recipes for Halloween


Looking for scary recipes for your Halloween table? Here are some terrifyingly delicious dishes:

Pumpkin with guacamole. Hollow out the pumpkin in time-honoured fashion (if you’re feeling lazy, just buy a round pumpkin and draw a scary mouth and eyes on it with a marker pen, although, be warned, the effect really isn’t the same). Make some guacamole and arrange it on a tray so that it appears to be coming out of the pumpkin’s mouth. Arghhh! ??

Pumpkin mandarin oranges. Peel them and put a green stick as the stem and serve on a tray as a dessert. Perrrrrfect! ???

Ghostly bananas. Peel, cut in half and arrange vertically on a tray so that they look like ghosts. Add some eyes and a mouth: look in any pastry shop or even the supermarket, or paint them on with melted chocolate. Just make sure you don’t get left alone with them… ??

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