Valentine’s Day Snacks


Fancy surprising your partner on Saint Valentine Day this year? How about a bottle of champagne and snacks to usher in an unforgettable night? Here are some ideas for some suitably spicy snacks—the rest is up to you…

Mediterranean Brochettes

Make a tasty brochette by spearing a cherry tomato, mozzarella ball, basil leaf and anchovy-stuffed olive. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and you’re off… and the night is still young! Pistachios are great to accompany this brochette and some say that they are an aphrodisiac!

Strawberries and Chocolate

Simply dip some strawberries into some melted cooking chocolate, pop them in the fridge and you’ve got the perfect appetizer for a romantic evening. For a lighter chocolate mixture, add a dash of walnut, almond or hazelnut drink when melting the chocolate in the microwave. Leave the leaves on the strawberries to make them easier to hold.

Enticing Fruit Brochettes

Cut a watermelon into several heart-shaped pieces. Then use a wooden skewer to spear a large grape, followed by a heart-shaped piece of watermelon, followed by another large grape. Sprinkle with chopped nuts. Light some candles and wait for your loved one with a tray of brochettes in your arms!

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