Tips For Cooking Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts: Size Matters!

Brussels sprouts are known to sometimes to have a bitter taste. How do you know which are bitter and which are not? From their size! Size affects flavor. The smallest Brussels sprouts are the least bitter. The larger Brussels sprouts can be used for roasting since the high heat will bring out the sweetness in them.

When you’re shopping for Brussels sprouts, look for balls with tight, compact leaves. They should be bright green, without any browned spots or yellowing leaves. And when it’s time to cook them, a little advice: let them cook a little more than you normally would. They’ll be crispier and sweeter!

If you prefer to eat them raw, then let them soak for a few minutes in a vinaigrette. You can shred them similar to a coleslaw or trim a few leaves off and toss it in a salad. The possibilities are endless!

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