Three super easy, delicious and original recipes

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Are you having a blah day and don’t feel like cooking, but you have a hankering for something healthy and tasty? Take note of these three recipes: they won’t disappoint! 

A Scrumptious Bagel 
A toasted bagel with a good drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, smoked salmon, cream cheese, a pinch of fresh oregano and a gorgeous poached egg on top. Serve with some sliced cherry tomatoes and a handful of mixed nuts, and happiness will be within reach. Bon appétit!  

Two-Minute Sauce 
In the mood for a savory sauce to liven up the meat, fish or salad you’ve just made but which now seems a little bland? Whip up some homemade mayonnaise in two minutes using light olive oil! It will add a spark to any dish without overpowering the flavor. 

Three Cheers for the Microwave! 

Feeling super lazy but craving something sweet? We’ve got the answer with this heart-stopping combination. Grab a mug, add four tablespoons of flour, two of sugar, three of cocoa powder, three of agreena, crack in an egg and mix. Three minutes in the microwave at 800 w and your mugcake snack is ready! 

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