Natural Products For a Healthy Diet

Mediterranean Diet

Stock up on these basic products if you want to follow a healthy diet. There’s no need to dash out and buy exotic, expensive items. You’ll find everything you need in your local shops ready and waiting for you!


The perfect combination of fat, protein and carbohydrates. Great for your heart, they provide the perfect energy boost between meals and work wonders with yogurt, fruit, vegetable soup and many other dishes besides.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The unsaturated fats are the closest there is to the elixir of eternal youth. No wonder it’s the cornerstone of the Mediterranean Diet! Make the most of it.


It’s so deliciously versatile, you could eat it all day long! It’s also a great source of calcium and probiotics, which boost the bacteria in your digestive system. Throw in some nuts, chopped fruit and some chocolate drops and you’ve got an irresistible teatime snack.

Vegetable Drinks

Almond, walnut, hazelnut.. a glass of one of the growing list of vegetable drinks contains all the goodness of a handful of nuts, something your heart will instantly thank you for. Use them in your coffee, smoothies, vegetable soups or simply on their own. What are you waiting for!

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