Can I eat olives every day?

olives STAR

Listen up all you olive lovers, you’re in luck. The answer to whether you can eat your favorite snack every day is a resounding yes. Can you? You should! What are the reasons for eating olives every day? Here they are.

  • Olives are heart healthy. The unsaturated fatty acids in olives are the best gift you can give your heart.
  • Olives are filling. They contain just 115 calories per 3½ oz, so you can eat them without worrying, and they’re a perfect snack because they satisfy your hunger.
  • Olives contain loads of calcium. Don’t like milk or dairy? Have some olives!
  • Olives are high in fiber. Constipation? Problems with digestion? Add some olives to your diet!
  • Olives are chock full of vitamins and antioxidants. What more could you ask for?

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